About Us

Who We Are

img_3934The Toronto Synchronized Swimming Club, known as Toronto Synchro, is central Toronto’s only competitive and recreational synchronized swimming club. We offer a full range of synchronized swimming programs for swimmers of all ages, including our growing adult competitive and recreational programs and our innovative athletes with disabilities programs. Our club is friendly, inclusive and has great dedicated and highly skilled coaches. Join us and see why we have been helping swimmers ‘get in synch’ for the past 30 years.

Mission Statement

Toronto Synchro is an inclusive community of athletes and coaches that nurtures and promotes confidence, excellence, strength of character and life-long athleticism in a positive and energizing team environment.

Club History

Scarborough LeasideThe Toronto Synchronized Swimming Club has a rich history in teaching and fostering the sport of synchronized swimming. The club was founded as the Scarborough Leaside Aquamaids in 1977. In 1987, it was incorporated as a Not-for-Profit and renamed the Toronto Synchronized Swimming Club, to better reflect its place as a central Toronto club, mostly swimming out of the U of T athletic centre. Toronto Synchro has steadily grown and now offers one of the largest and most diverse programs in the GTA. Many of the key figures in Ontario synchro today were once Toronto Synchro swimmers. In 2017, we will proudly celebrate our 40th anniversary as a club and 30th as Toronto Synchro!

The Toronto Synchronized Swimming Club provides a fun and supportive team-based environment for swimmers to maximize their individual potential and offers a full range of synchronized swimming programs for swimmers of all ages including entry-level recreational classes, programs for athletes with disabilities, as well as programs for competitive teams who participate in local, regional, provincial, national and international meets. The Club’s Masters program offers both recreational and competitive opportunities to swimmers over the age of 19 as synchro is a lifelong sport.

award-copyToronto Synchro is proud to offer programs in a wide range of neighbourhoods and assistance to swimmers in need through the Ogi Govegarica Bursary Fund, named for one of our beloved parent volunteers. Toronto Synchro is also a known leader in fostering inclusivity through our Athletes with Disabilities program and growth initiatives, including obtaining an Experts Express grant to work with Vicki Keith on developing inclusive-oriented coach training. Toronto Synchro has an active coach in training program at both recreational and competitive levels.

Toronto Synchro has always been run by volunteer board of committed parents who are elected at the club’s Annual General Meeting. All club parents are encouraged to take an active role in the club through a variety of volunteer opportunities. Toronto Synchro also fosters volunteerism for swimmers through a series of outreach and other volunteer activities.

What Is Synchro?

Synchro swimmers work in teams of 4-10 swimmers of a similar age and ability range and learn a choreographed and acrobatic dance in the water from their coach. Athletes train on land to develop skills in Pilates, yoga, and ballet for coordination and agility in the water. They also learn speed swimming skills to enhances their cardiovascular capacity and endurance. This aids in their learning of the synchro positions, sculls, and sequences that they will perform both individually and collectively at competitions and exhibitions.

gillianpurpleendingAthletes at our club train to to swim recreationally right up to competing internationally representing Canada. The athletes really love the performances wearing matching bathing suits, headpieces and fun makeup! In addition, swimmers can also create a solo or duet routine. Synchro athletes develop coordination, strength, agility, power and grace. Through teamwork, they develop self discipline and self confidence. Scientists have dubbed Synchro the “it sport” since athletes of the sport have holistic training in so many different sports and activities, including dance, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, ballroom, diving, gymnastics & acrobatics, speed swimming, Pilates and yoga, running, musical development, acting, stage-performance.

Synchronized swimming is a judged sport. The performance is judged on two marks: Technical Merit and Artistic Impression both of which have 3 marks of merit per side that a judge marks performances on.

Athletes also compete individually in front of a panel of judges to perform 4 randomly selected figures at every competition as well. They are assigned a number to compete under and everyone wears a black bathing suit and white cap.